Brunhilde Joseph

Digital Business Consultant


Hi, I’m Brunhilde, an affiliate marketer and digital business consultant. My biggest passion in life is personal development and to constantly learn new things and skills.

What really drives me is to help like-minded people to maximize their own potentials by showing and teaching them about the big opportunities there are in the digital world today. Many people feel trapped in their current lifestyles and are trading their time in order to make a living. That was the only realistic way that I knew of as well before I educated myself on digital marketing and how to set up an online business.

Today I work as a Digital Business Consultant and help people getting started with their own online business as well as educating existing business owners in the topic of online marketing. I am also a professional affiliate marketer, this means that I get paid for recommending products and services from other companies. Products that I have bought, worked with and really trust myself



Today I’m working as a digital entrepreneur, but that hasn’t always been the case. Not long ago I was working in a Kitchen trying to make ends meet, like everyone else.

Even though I liked my job, there were many things I didn’t enjoy with being employed.

I disliked the concept of having to trade my time for money and having to pay money for someone else to take care of my daughter.

I wanted more free time to spend with my daughter, time to travel and time to spend on my real passions in life. Like personal development and exercising and just to have more time to spend with my family and friends.  I didn’t think that was possible for me to achieve.


One day when I was searching around on the Internet trying to find a solution to my problem I stumbled across a video of a guy from Scotland.  He was actually living the life I dreamed about, spending lots of time with his daughter. He had his own online business and working from anywhere and when and how much he wanted, as long as he had his laptop with him.

He introduced me to a fantastic community with like-minded people and to some mentors who really knew what they talked about regarding how to succeed in the digital world.

To make a long story short. I’m still a member of this community (which is a part of the SFM) and now I’m running my own online business. Finally I’m on the right track to create the lifestyle I’ve always wanted with so much more freedom and flexibility!

Today I’m helping other people who are in the position I was in when I saw this first video. People who want to make the most out of their lives. People who are interested in how to start an online business and learn what possibilities there are for ordinary people like us in the exploding digital economy.


Discover how a single mom used internet marketing to create a passive income, while working part time and taking care of her child and elderly mother.

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My Market:

Anyone who is serious about changing their financial lives and wants to work online from the comfort of their home.


Favorite Business Books and Authors:

”The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

Mind Power



My top five values in life (in no particular order) are: